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  2. 实现窗口改变大小时,控件跟着改变位置和大小,Window to change the size of implementation, change controls along with the location and size
  3. 所属分类:Dialog_Window

    • 发布日期:2017-05-01
    • 文件大小:10235904
    • 提供者:郭天成
  1. arm_x86-qtopia.rar

  2. x86-qtopia.rar,qtopia开发环境最简易的安装,帮助您省去繁琐的步骤,环境变量自动添加,x86-qtopia.rar, qtopia development environment for the easiest installation, help you avoid the cumbersome steps, the environment variable is automatically added
  3. 所属分类:Embeded Linux

    • 发布日期:2017-05-01
    • 文件大小:35618816
    • 提供者:jacky
  1. mimo-ofdm_Phd_thesis.rar

  2. MIMO-OFDM 国外博士论文 1.Transmitter strategies for closed-loop MIMO-OFDM,2.Spatial processing, power control, and channel allocation for OFDM wireless communications....,MIMO-OFDM foreign doctoral dissertation 1.Transmitter strategies for closed-loop MIMO
  3. 所属分类:Development Research

    • 发布日期:2017-05-01
    • 文件大小:8037376
    • 提供者:JIANG

  2. 著名的国际象棋界面程序源码。这是新版本的源码,功能有所增强。,Well-known chess program source interface. This is a new version of the source, function has improved.
  3. 所属分类:GUI Develop

    • 发布日期:2017-05-01
    • 文件大小:2940928
    • 提供者:liuzy
  1. ICETEKDM642.0.rar

  2. 这是一套DM642开发板的资源。里面有实验指导书,和源码,其源码时基与DSP/BIOS编写的,是学习视频处理的好资料,This is a development board DM642 resources. Inside the book there is experimental guidance, and source, the source time base with DSP/BIOS prepared Videos are studying the deal with good inf
  3. 所属分类:DSP program

    • 发布日期:2017-05-01
    • 文件大小:7101440
    • 提供者:wangjundong
  1. bmpdraw.rar

  2. 利用MFC编写的,打开bmp图像,并能用不同画笔在图像画线的程序,Prepared to use MFC to open bmp images, and use different brush images draw the line at the procedure
  3. 所属分类:Graph program

    • 发布日期:2017-05-01
    • 文件大小:3650560
    • 提供者:霓棠烟鱼
  1. SMDK2450.rar

  2. 三星S3C2450的SMDK官方原理图,pdf格式 ,Samsung' s S3C2450 Schematic SMDK official, pdf format
  3. 所属分类:Project Design

    • 发布日期:2017-05-01
    • 文件大小:2116608
    • 提供者:黄道斌
  1. dhtml-suite-for-applications-v

  2. 一个丰富的基于Javascr ipt实现的控件库,包含功能强大的图表工具,表格控件、拖拽等强大的功能,Based on a rich Javascr ipt library implementation of controls, including a powerful instrument of the chart, table controls, powerful features such as drag-and-drop
  3. 所属分类:Browser Client

    • 发布日期:2017-05-01
    • 文件大小:2824192
    • 提供者:jack
  1. WiserClock.rar

  2. 利用vc++实现的闹钟程序,功能主要有:设定闹铃并播放歌曲;秒表;显示背景等;具体请看中文注释。,Using vc++ implementation of the alarm clock procedures, functions include: set the alarm and play songs stopwatch show the background and so on For details, please read the Notes English.
  3. 所属分类:Other windows programs

    • 发布日期:2017-05-01
    • 文件大小:3784704
    • 提供者:季全
  1. dcpr.rar

  2. 一个关于数据聚类和模式识别的程序,在生物化学,化学中因该都可以用到.希望对大家有用,谢谢支持,A data clustering and pattern recognition procedures, in biochemistry, chemistry can be used by the. Everyone would like to be useful, thanks to support
  3. 所属分类:AI-NN-PR

    • 发布日期:2017-05-01
    • 文件大小:4754432
    • 提供者:guorong du

  2. 最新码流分析软件,很不错的一个软件。大家可以试试看,Stream the latest analysis software, a software is very good. We can give it a try
  3. 所属分类:WinSock-NDIS

    • 发布日期:2017-05-01
    • 文件大小:9585664
    • 提供者:maceng
  1. FPGA.rar

  2. FPGA,vhdl语言的学习资料; FPGA的简单设计 dds的设计,FPGA, vhdl language learning materials FPGA design of a simple design dds
  3. 所属分类:VHDL-FPGA-Verilog

    • 发布日期:2017-05-01
    • 文件大小:2098176
    • 提供者:wade