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  1. UpdateFileAttribute

  2.  C#更新或修改文件属性,改变文件的“只读、存档、系统、隐藏”四种属性的状态,在以前所发的初学代码中,也有类似功能的例子,两者比较一下,看一看哪一种比较适合自己哦-C# to update or modify file attributes, change the file read-only, archive, system, hidden " four properties state in beginner code issued, there are examples of si
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    • 发布日期:2017-05-28
    • 文件大小:15360
    • 提供者:zhoujie
  1. FileEqual

  2. 文件比较,C#实例源代码,一个小小的文件操作实例,文件比较程序的一个典型实例-A typical example of the file comparison, the C# source code examples, a small file operations instance, file comparison program
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    • 发布日期:2017-05-28
    • 文件大小:14336
    • 提供者:zhoujie
  1. CopyLotFiles

  2. C#批量拷贝文件,拷贝文件倒觉得没什么,但批量拷贝的话就有一看了,每一个人的方法都不一样,以算是为您多提供了一份参考吧。-C# batch copy files, copy files would think nothing, but the bulk copy if there is a looked, everyone is not the same to be regarded as the more you provide a reference.
  3. 所属分类:CSharp

    • 发布日期:2017-05-28
    • 文件大小:15360
    • 提供者:zhoujie
  1. CDTA_Doc

  2. Speaker verification documents
  3. 所属分类:File Formats

    • 发布日期:2017-05-28
    • 文件大小:23456768
    • 提供者:nassim
  1. voltage-base-on-psoc

  2. 此源程序能电压值,可以修改电压范围,误差在0.5v-This source can be a voltage value, can modify the voltage range, the error 0.5v
  3. 所属分类:Other Embeded program

    • 发布日期:2017-05-28
    • 文件大小:1024
    • 提供者:jacky
  1. Large-scale-logic-design-guide-book

  2. 大规模逻辑设计指导书,讲述VHDL开发规范-Large-scale logic design guide book
  3. 所属分类:Other Books

    • 发布日期:2017-05-28
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    • 提供者:uea
  1. Drawing2.dwg1

  2. this is a drawing of the apartment
  3. 所属分类:Project Design

    • 发布日期:2017-05-28
    • 文件大小:56320
    • 提供者:worm
  1. ImageProcessingMATLAB

  2. 文章针对运用MATLAB软件进行图像处理的相关介绍描述,供大家参考学习-Article, the use of MATLAB for image processing software to introduce the related descr iption for your information to learn
  3. 所属分类:Document

    • 发布日期:2017-05-28
    • 文件大小:14871552
    • 提供者:zuoyimin
  1. CProgrammingThoughtandPractice

  2. 这本书可作为C#的自学的入门书藉,大家按照书里面讲的一步一步来学,就很容易掌握C#了.-This book can be used as self-learning C# by the entry-book, we talked about in accordance with the book to learn step by step, it is easy to master C# a.
  3. 所属分类:CSharp

    • 发布日期:2017-05-28
    • 文件大小:10647552
    • 提供者:liuyun
  1. ThedictionaryofMATLABfunctionlibraryquery

  2. Matlab 软件里面有许多函数,对于初学者来说,不容易掌握!通过这本书,可以很容易查询到Matlab 软件中常用的函数!-Matlab software, there are many functions, for beginners, it is not easy to master! Through this book, you can easily query the Matlab software used in the function!
  3. 所属分类:matlab

    • 发布日期:2017-05-28
    • 文件大小:12297216
    • 提供者:liuyun
  1. Professional.XNA.Game.Programming_chinese

  2. Professional.XNA.Game.Programming的中文版本,上海第八中学物理组的一个老师翻译的。翻译的还不错-Professional.XNA.Game.Programming Chinese version, Shanghai, the eighth of a group of secondary school physics teacher translation. Good translation
  3. 所属分类:OpenGL program

    • 发布日期:2017-05-28
    • 文件大小:26892288
    • 提供者:刘刚
  1. Professional.XNA.Game.Programming.For.Xbox.360.and

  2. 这本书主要讲了xna 官方论坛上那个赛车游戏的源码分析和shader编程 c#-This book is mainly about the official forums that xna racing game source code analysis and shader programming
  3. 所属分类:Other Games

    • 发布日期:2017-05-28
    • 文件大小:27242496
    • 提供者:刘刚