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  1. ExceptionalC++

  2. 和effective C++齐名的著作,是中文版的-And effective C++ Famous works, is the Chinese version of
  3. 所属分类:Visual C++ Books

    • 发布日期:2017-04-29
    • 文件大小:919552
    • 提供者:Eason
  1. TCP-IP1protocol

  2. TCP-IP详解卷1:协议,比较有用的关于TCP-IP的书籍,供大家参考学习-Detailed TCP-IP Volume 1: the agreement, more useful on the TCP-IP book for reference learning
  3. 所属分类:TCP/IP Stack

    • 发布日期:2017-04-29
    • 文件大小:8456192
    • 提供者:xiaohe
  1. wangluogongchengshishiti

  2. 2001-2007年的网络工程师试题及答案+2008上半年的上下午试题分析,欢迎大家下载,好东西,大家用,快点下啊。保证让你喜不胜收-2001-2007 Network Engineer questions and answers+ 2008 on the afternoon of the first half of the test analysis, are welcome to download, good things, we use quickly under ah. Ensure t
  3. 所属分类:Communication

    • 发布日期:2017-04-29
    • 文件大小:4709376
    • 提供者:黄斌
  1. jmobilecore

  2. j2me下的1套UI框架.包含j2me开发中会应用的各种低级组件-j2me under a set of UI framework. j2me development will be included in the application of various low-level components
  3. 所属分类:J2ME

    • 发布日期:2017-04-29
    • 文件大小:3841024
    • 提供者:invet
  1. lunwen

  2. 网上购物系统(源码+毕业论文)使用jsp+set主要技术实现,开发工具是Myeclips,Mysql,欢迎大家下载,好东西,大家用,快点下啊。保证让你喜不胜收-Online shopping system (source+ Thesis) using jsp+ Set the major technology, development tools is Myeclips, Mysql, welcome to download, good things, we use quickly under
  3. 所属分类:Java Develop

    • 发布日期:2017-04-29
    • 文件大小:1495040
    • 提供者:黄斌
  1. biyelunwen

  2. 某学院的毕业设计以及毕业论文 非常参考价值,欢迎大家下载,好东西,大家用,快点下啊。保证让你喜不胜收 -A college graduate thesis is a reference design and value, are welcome to download, good things, we use quickly under ah. Ensure that you are too close-hi
  3. 所属分类:Project Design

    • 发布日期:2017-04-29
    • 文件大小:7342080
    • 提供者:黄斌
  1. wuguan

  2. 一个物业管理系统,可以实现对小区的物业管理-A property management system, can be achieved on the estate property management
  3. 所属分类:GUI Develop

    • 发布日期:2017-04-29
    • 文件大小:10370048
    • 提供者:王伟
  1. qq

  2. 一个模仿qq的程序,可以实现与qq相似的功能-Qq an imitation of the procedures, can be achieved with a similar function qq
  3. 所属分类:Windows Develop

    • 发布日期:2017-04-29
    • 文件大小:2551808
    • 提供者:王伟
  1. j_9659_tfotznzj

  2. 自由领域智能组卷B/S办公系统免费版不包含以下功能: 1、试卷保密功能。 2、批量选题组卷功能。 3、系统多用户支持 4、系统垃圾清理功能 5、取题后的删除功能。 6、取题关联功能。 7、数据库备份功能。 8、数据库备份管理功能。 9、入库的题目的编辑功能。-The field of freedom of Intelligent Test Paper B/S Office System Free Edition does not contain the fol
  3. 所属分类:WEB(ASP,PHP,...)

    • 发布日期:2017-04-29
    • 文件大小:2983936
    • 提供者:周中心
  1. Pet-Hospital(JSP)

  2. 宠物医院网站的设计报告,欢迎大家下载,好东西,大家用,快点下啊。保证让你喜不胜收-Pets hospital website design report, welcome to download, good things, we use quickly under ah. Ensure that you are too close-hi
  3. 所属分类:Java Develop

    • 发布日期:2017-04-29
    • 文件大小:4926464
    • 提供者:黄斌
  1. WildMagic0.1

  2. This CD–ROM contains the initial release of the source code that accompanies the book 3D Game En- gine Design: A Practical Approach to Real–Time Computer Graphics. There are a number of known is- sues about the code. As these issues are addressed
  3. 所属分类:Game Engine

    • 发布日期:2017-04-29
    • 文件大小:3580928
    • 提供者:王晓振
  1. wild_magic_0.2_3dGameEngineDesign(SourceCode)

  2. Wild Magic Version 2.1 is what ships with the fi rst printing of the Game Physics book. Some of the applications that are referenced in the book did not make it onto the CD–ROM for the book. Version 2.2 contains those applications, plus more
  3. 所属分类:3D Graphic

    • 发布日期:2017-04-29
    • 文件大小:6198272
    • 提供者:王晓振