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  1. Complex-fenjie

  2. 复数的分解计算以及复杂的分析,面向普通的用户进行数据的分析和分解-The complex decomposition calculations, and the complexity of the analysis, facing the ordinary user data analysis and decomposition
  3. 所属分类:Other windows programs

    • 发布日期:2017-04-24
    • 文件大小:6144
    • 提供者:123
  1. Digtalbasis

  2. 理解通信系统特别是无线通信系统对基带信号的处理方法及目的,包括基带系统的差错控制,扩频跳频原理,保密通信等基本原理和实现方法。 -Understanding of communication systems, especially wireless communications system to the base-band signal processing methods and purposes, including base-band system for error control
  3. 所属分类:Other systems

    • 发布日期:2017-04-24
    • 文件大小:3440640
    • 提供者:wendy sun
  1. MyPlayer

  2. 适合WINDOWS编程的初学者,对掌握WINDOWS编程很有帮助-WINDOWS programming suitable for beginners, to master the programming WINDOWS helpful
  3. 所属分类:Document

    • 发布日期:2017-04-24
    • 文件大小:3693568
    • 提供者:chenzeng
  1. CoolScan

  2. 此程序可以扫描多的IP和端口。另外可以多线程训话扫描,非两种方式:connect和syn扫描-This program can scan IP and port number. In addition to lecture scanning multi-threaded, non-in two ways: connect and syn scan
  3. 所属分类:Other systems

    • 发布日期:2017-04-24
    • 文件大小:3862528
    • 提供者:华华
  1. ApexJxc1.0(net)

  2. 云峰进销存管理系统net1.0免费版 运行环境 win2000 或win2003 支持asp.net环境 -Purchase, Sales and Inventory Management System Yunfeng net1.0 free operating environment win2000 or win2003 support environment
  3. 所属分类:ERP-EIP-OA-Portal

    • 发布日期:2017-04-24
    • 文件大小:2998272
    • 提供者:yejin
  1. iconFauxsXP

  2. 很多好看的icon,xp样式的,做开发可以收藏,,个人觉得不错!-A lot of good-looking icon, xp style, so can the development of collections, and personal feel good!
  3. 所属分类:Other systems

    • 发布日期:2017-04-24
    • 文件大小:1553408
    • 提供者:gao
  1. MCGS

  2. MCGS组态软件在密地选钛厂浮选加药控制系统中的应用-MCGS configuration software in closed titanium plant flotation Dosing Control System
  3. 所属分类:Other systems

    • 发布日期:2017-04-24
    • 文件大小:7069696
    • 提供者:陆见
  1. construct

  2. c++数据结构及算法一书,对c++内部实现和应用的技术进行了比较详细的介绍, 有作与快速提高开发能力-c data structure and algorithm of a book on c internal realization and application of technologies are compared in detail, there have been with the rapid increase in development capacity
  3. 所属分类:Visual C++ Books

    • 发布日期:2017-04-24
    • 文件大小:8203264
    • 提供者:adaohappy2327
  1. wireless_channel_thesis

  2. 无线通信主要是mimo以及无线信道的电子书(写论文时的经典)-MIMO wireless communications as well as the main channel of the e-book (written at the time of the classic papers)
  3. 所属分类:Other Books

    • 发布日期:2017-04-24
    • 文件大小:9710592
    • 提供者:冯敖
  1. picdealing

  2. 在 基础上,实现简单的图象处理,放大缩小等,此程序已经调试通过,欢迎批评-In based on simple image processing, such as Zoom, the procedures have been debug through, welcome criticism
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    • 发布日期:2017-04-24
    • 文件大小:1190912
    • 提供者:litang
  1. sift-0.9.13-bin.tar

  2. sift已经编译好的matlab开发源代码-sift has been compiled to develop the source code matlab
  3. 所属分类:Special Effects

    • 发布日期:2017-04-24
    • 文件大小:3572736
    • 提供者:xu
  1. curvewindow

  2. 在 基础上,实现曲线窗口,此程序已经调试通过,欢迎批评-In based on the realization of curves window debug this procedure has been adopted, welcome criticism
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    • 发布日期:2017-04-24
    • 文件大小:1091584
    • 提供者:litang