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  1. Lesson8

  2. 孙鑫vc++深入详解第八课,逃跑按钮的巧妙实现。如何制作属性页对话框,和向导对话框-Sun Xin Xiang Jie eighth vc++ in-depth lessons, escape button, the ingenious implementation. How to make a property page dialog box, and the Wizard dialog box
  3. 所属分类:Windows Develop

    • 发布日期:2017-05-25
    • 文件大小:31839232
    • 提供者:张帅
  1. Lesson7

  2. 对话框用户加冕程序的编写,如何向对话框空间关联数据成员及其实现激励,如何利用兑换卡累的成员函数想空间发送消息和获取对话框的类指针-Procedures for the preparation of the coronation of the dialog box the user, how to dialog data members and their spatial association, to achieve motivation, how to use the Exchange Car
  3. 所属分类:Windows Develop

    • 发布日期:2017-05-25
    • 文件大小:44406784
    • 提供者:张帅
  1. Lesson6

  2. 孙鑫vc++深入详解第六课,菜单的工作原理及编写应用,菜单命令消息在MFC框架程序的几个类中的传递顺序和处理过程-Sun Xin vc++ in-depth Xiangjie sixth classes, the menu works and preparing applications, the menu command message in the MFC framework of the program delivery of the order of several classes an
  3. 所属分类:E-Books

    • 发布日期:2017-05-25
    • 文件大小:56749056
    • 提供者:张帅
  1. interp

  2. YUV to AVI ppWizard has created this interp application for you. This application not only demonstrates the basics of using the Microsoft Foundation classes but is also a starting point for writing your application.-YUV to AVI ppWizard has create
  3. 所属分类:VHDL-FPGA-Verilog

    • 发布日期:2017-05-25
    • 文件大小:20914176
    • 提供者:ponny213
  1. Javaheighread

  2. java技术内幕深入研究与探讨。由资深专家解读Java技术的各个类库。注重基础,方便Java学习者学习和提高。-it is benefit for your java technology.the good teacher will open your eyes on java .
  3. 所属分类:Java Books

    • 发布日期:2017-05-25
    • 文件大小:31372288
    • 提供者:zhengyong
  1. FontsView

  2. 查看各字体信息,将汉字矢量提取为位图保存。-See the font information, the Chinese characters as bitmaps stored vector extraction.
  3. 所属分类:Windows Develop

    • 发布日期:2017-05-25
    • 文件大小:8323072
    • 提供者:钟木昆
  1. HookMouse2009.4.21

  2. HOOK 功能的使用,HOOK 截取鼠标系统消息.-HOOK,Interception system message
  3. 所属分类:Windows Develop

    • 发布日期:2017-05-25
    • 文件大小:26170368
    • 提供者:asd
  1. GameProgrammingCollection

  2. 上百个C++编写的游戏相关源代码,来自《游戏编程精粹》。可供初学者参考。-Hundreds of games written in C++ related to the source code, from " Game Programming essence." Available for advanced users.
  3. 所属分类:Other Games

    • 发布日期:2017-05-25
    • 文件大小:11972608
    • 提供者:王刚

  2. PDIUSBD12 USB固件编程与驱动开发,快速了解USB协议及固件开发-PDIUSBD12 USB firmware programming and driver development, a quick overview of USB protocols and firmware development
  3. 所属分类:Other Books

    • 发布日期:2017-05-25
    • 文件大小:12399616
    • 提供者:于娟
  1. Realtime_Video_Recorder_(RVR)

  2. tool to capture real time videoes from external device
  3. 所属分类:Other systems

    • 发布日期:2017-05-25
    • 文件大小:14269440
    • 提供者:tc
  1. VideoDemosB

  2. video demonstration a a a -video demonstration a a a
  3. 所属分类:Other systems

    • 发布日期:2017-05-25
    • 文件大小:11042816
    • 提供者:tc
  1. calibration

  2. used for system calibration in two coordinates
  3. 所属分类:Compress-Decompress algrithms

    • 发布日期:2017-05-25
    • 文件大小:9583616
    • 提供者:Jia Zhe, Liang