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  1. student

  2. 选排课系统功能的设计上,学生选排课系统可以分为登录、排课和选课3个子系统。登录子系统区分排课者(也即系统的管理者)、教师和学生这三者的不同身份,给出不同的权限,在页面中根据身份判断其相应具有的功能来使用这套系统。排课子系统主要供排课者使用,排课者可以在这里进行一切与排课有关的活动。选课系统主要供学生选课使用,在这里可以进行与选课有关的活动;教师可在教师反馈系统中对排课者提出反馈意见,供排课者在排课时可参考使用。 学生排课系统使用Rational Rose进行UMI。建模;过程选择使用jsp
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  1. ymchange

  2. 中文域名转码系统 直接上传到空间即可使用 输入中文域名即可解码成英文域名-Chinese domain transcoding system be uploaded directly to the space can be used to input Chinese domain name can be decoded into English domain names
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  1. TextViewSample

  2. Android开发:TextView用法实例源码,TextView主要用于Android中的字体属性设置,比如字体大孝居中、颜色等,很基础的Android必备知识,在制作Android应用的时候,几乎都要用到TextView,这是个不是太难,但使用频率相对较高的Android小知识。-Android developers: TextView usage instance source, the TextView is mainly used for the Android font attrib
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  1. zfcp_cfdc

  2. Linux zfcp device driver Userspace interface for accessing the Access Control Lists / Control File Data Channel handling of response code and states for ports and LUNs.-Linux zfcp device driver Userspace interface for accessing the Access Control Lis
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  1. cyjsj

  2. 穿越计算机的迷雾(介绍计算机前世今生),看后能明白计算机的发展历史。-Fog through the computer (the introductory computer Past and Present), after looking to understand the history of the development of the computer.
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    • 提供者:李平
  1. SelecterDrawableSample

  2. Android Selecter Drawable属性使用源码下载,android的selector是在drawable/xxx.xml中配置的,android的selector是一个背景选择器,美化软件时候经常用到,这个Android Selecter源码简要告诉Android编程者Drawable属性的使用。-Android Selecter Drawable attribute to use source code download android the selector drawabl
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  1. clock

  2. 基于JQuery 的时钟特效,有表盘和数字显示-Based on the JQuery effects the clock, dial and digital display
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  1. dis

  2. these are really good code for face recognitation in the applications of image and video processing for refrences-these are really good code for face recognitation in the applications of image and video processing for refrences
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  1. SurfaceViewTest

  2. android中的surfaceview示例源码下载,Android SurfaceView在游戏开发中使用想当广泛,SurfaceView对于画面的控制有着更大的自由度,它不像View那样要用handler来更新,但是网上关于 SurfaceView使用这方面的参考资料并不是太多,所以今天就同Android编程新手共同分享这个简单的Android SurfaceView实例,并附上源码下载。-sample source code download android in surfaceview,
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  1. UNIX

  2. 设计模式, the STL has iterators, algorithms, and function objects, but for most C++ programmers, it s the containers that stand out. More powerful and flexible than arrays, they grow (and often shrink) dynamically, manage their own memory, keep track
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  1. Windowsdesigner

  2. 这是一本经典的Visual书籍,里面详细的介绍MFC,是MFC一本重要的参考书-This is a classic Visual books, which detail MFC, the MFC of an important reference book
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  1. PHPNMySQLDec2008

  2. The book teaches people on how to use PHP 5 & MySQL 5
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