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  1. smxp

  2. This same trick works in CMD.EXE (the command processor in Windows NT 4 and later) as well (not sure about OS/2 though)... ...but with some restrictions! REM is a true command that may be used anywhere within a command line. Though I doub
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  1. hw4_slamSimulation(release)

  2. EKF—SLAM 机器人定位和地图创建 教程是关于SLAM的系列教程,从网上下载,本人觉得讲解非常详细,并配有习题供动手实践, 非常适合初学者学习使用。本人学习后,实现了课后作业的所有程序,一并打包上传,供大家共 同学习探讨-EKF—SLAM
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  1. key_SCAN

  2. 合泰单片机按键检测汇编实现通用程序,原理经典,结构简单,稍加修改便可实现按键多功能(短按,长按,组合键检测等)-wonderfull key scan for ht
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    • 提供者:zhongminghong
  1. Gauss

  2. 全选主元高斯消化法解线性方程,用于大地测量与测量工程专业 -Select the main yuan Gaussian digestion method for solving linear equations, for Geodesy and Surveying Engineering Professional
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  1. autocomplete

  2. This method has the disadvantage that your batch file may "accidently" really use the label to jump to. As Marc Stern points out in one of his MS-DOS batch files Tips & Tricks, this can be solved by using a double colon ( :: ) as the first chara
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  1. LabVIEW2011jihuo

  2. labview2011的激活图解,内容介绍详细易懂,很实用。-LabVIEW 2011 activation diagrams, describes in detail to understand, very practical.
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    • 提供者:ysx
  1. linuxc

  2. LINUX 串口通讯源码 ,本文档详细介绍了串口编程-The LINUX serial communications source, the document details the serial programming
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    • 提供者:noth
  1. modem-setting

  2. how to configure or add a new modem to a workstation network, so we can use 2 line of connection
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  1. OpenSitemapGenerator_060_Setup-(1)

  2. A workaround I have seen many times (back in the old days, when I was young, and dinosaurs roamed the Earth and harddisks were 20MB) is to convert the comment line to a label by starting the line with a colon ( : ). COMMAND.COM skips labels it does
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  1. gongshengjuzheng1

  2. 共生矩阵特性解,用于图形图像处理,求图像熵,能量-Co-occurrence matrix features solutions for graphics, image processing, and image entropy, energy
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    • 提供者:周秀玲
  1. Dump20130510

  2. As you probably know, COMMAND.COM reads a batch file, executes one command line, reads the batch file again, executes the next command line, etcetera. This means each comment line causes one extra reread of the batch file no problem when read from
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  1. tushuguanlixitong

  2. 登录图书管理系统后可以对图书进行录入,删除,修改,查询等功能。是C#连接access数据库-After logging in to the library management system of book entry, delete, modify, query and other functions. C# to connect access database
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