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文件名称:PM for dummies 2007

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This book helps you recognize that the basic tenets of successful project
management are simple. The most complex analytical technique takes less
than ten minutes to master! In this book, I introduce information that’s necessary to plan and manage projects, and I provide important guidelines for
developing and using this information. You discover that the real challenge to
a successful project is dealing with the multitude of people whom a project
may affect or need for support. I present plenty of tips, hints, and guidelines
for identifying key players and then involving them.
But knowledge alone won’t make you a successful project manager — you
need to apply it. This book’s theme is that project-management skills and
techniques aren’t burdensome tasks you perform because some process
requires it. Rather, they’re a way of thinking, communicating, and behaving.
They’re an integral part of how we approach all aspects of our work every day


压缩包 : Project Management For Dummies, Second Edition; Stanley E. Portny (Wiley, 2007).rar 列表
Project Management For Dummies, Second Edition; Stanley E. Portny (Wiley, 2007).pdf


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